Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Wingfield Fight Club

Here are some videos of fights at Wingfield High School available online. They all say Wingfield Fights although it is not confirmed these fights all took place at or around the school.  These videos were posted in 2012 and 2013.


Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. I would call them animals that would be an insult to animals. No wonder Jackson has such a high crime rate.

Lumbergh said...

Is it me, or was the teacher in the first video moving desks out of the way the fight could continue?

Anonymous said...

People will blame this on whatever they can think of. But this is a black culture problem. Created by government dependence (ie lack of responsibility).

And why is this just now news? These things have been posted on the Internet for years. Pretty entertaining actually. Nothing on TV? Hop on you tube and watch some west jackson kids (product of said black culture) beat the shit out of each other. Check out

Anonymous said...

I think Ben Allen just found an attraction for downtown that will actually draw a crowd.

Anonymous said...

search "madison central fight" on youtube

Quincy S said...

I'm really not sure what to say about this. 25 years ago, fights occurred, but not as often as I see today. I think being able to capture it online helps to make it appear more than in the past. However, I do think kids are more violent these days. Teens seem to have it in their heads (from reality TV) that they're being "disrespected." I hear that word tossed around so much by people who truly don't know what it means. Jackson is lost. When an entire culture has changed to destruction, then the only way to get it back is to run them out or let them destroy themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to move into Jackson. When people move to the area for jobs, they almost always choose the surrounding area to live and send their children to school. The decline in Jackson is sad to watch.

Anonymous said...

I am retired, live on Jiggetts Drive, and love it here. Madison is closer too my home than Wingfield. I walk to shop and church..I know and like my neighbors. They know and like my wife and me.

No matter how many deserters try to convince me that my life and neighborhood are "lost", I will remain here and enjoy it. I am sorry so many people on this site obsess with my city.

Anonymous said...

They know and like my wife...

Reunion might be a good fit for you.

Anonymous said...

No 1:10. Much too cookie cutter for me, like all the subdivisions out there.

Anonymous said...

I no longer have to watch 'OK Coral' on television.

Anonymous said...

This is not black culture. This is poor black ignorant culture. Jackson seems to have teachers that enjoy watching fights. These boys should have been arrested and expelled. Most high schools have zero tolerance. JPS is the problem. Are the teachers and adminstrators ghetto trash too? That would make sense.

Anonymous said...

There is a serious lack of the usage of the castle doctrine in the last video. I find that going on in my front yard, they will be removed by an ambulance or coroner. That's the only way to fix them...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:16, you are right. This is not a black issue, it is not a poor issue, it is not an urban issue. Its a national issue that affects youth in all corners of the country. We collectively live in a society in which violence is idolized (2:17 may be an immediate example). Kids, for the simple fact that they are kids, are often too immature to separate what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

If this were a JPS issue as you suggest, or even a Jackson issue, it probably would not be happening at Madison Central too. Here is the link for just one of the fights put online by Madison students so you can see for yourself that the same thing happens there.

This is not limited to our metro area. Take for instance the Auburn student in Baton Rouge who stole a car, and in the course of doing so, kidnapped a woman and involved himself in 9 hit and runs... the motive? He wanted to live out a popular video game.

And 2:17, of course all of JPS's problems can be solved with the castle doctrine. Of Course! Why didn't anyone suggest that before. Just tell all the JPS students they can bring guns to school and teach them about the Second Amendment and the Castle Doctrine. Instant safety!

By the way, you might want to read up on the castle doctrine. From reading your post, it seems like you think you can do certain things under it that you cannot do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out 9:26. Please notice how the teacher intervened quickly, and ultimately other students broke it up. Rather than standing around howling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 2:54 for clearing that up-lets now change the quotes to reflect the cest pool that Madison has become. after all, they are proud of posting school fights on youtube. To quote 8:32, this is a white cultural problem based upon government dependence. To quote 7:59, it's disgusting and to call them animals is a crime against animals. To quote 8:58, perhaps MHButler now has an event to draw a crowd to downtown Madison. To quote 12:16, why would anyone move to Madison. to quote 2:16, this is poor ignorant white culture and the teachers and administrators are suburban trash too. And finally 2:28 has it right: savages.

Anonymous said...

12:16 if you think just b/c you live in madison this is totally irrelevant to you, then your head is in the sand. You are just a FEW miles away from this. You really believe a county line will make you immune to this thuggery forever? It's not a Jackson problem, it's an anwhere-in-the-south problem where you have the majority of the blacks unwilling to take advantage of free education so that they can support themselves, and instead just live off the government nipple with zero standards or morals. If you think Madison or anywhere else in Mississippi is going to be immune to this over the next 50 years, unfortunately you are dead wrong. Just look at the demographic shift of Rankin County (formerly the whitest place in MS), or even Oxford (still is but changing). The few blacks that strive for a better life are coming to your street and your public schools, and give it a decade or so and you'll be no different than Northeast Jackson...still a good place to live but integrated and your public schools will not look like they do today (heck look at the changes at Madison Central in the last 15 years since it think that trend going to magically stop??) You would have to move out west (think Idaho) to get away from it totally but then there is simply another demographic that is poor, uneducated and refuses to try and get ahead in life. They just won't be black out there. We can all thank the Democrats (and plenty of Republicans too) over the last 40 years for buying votes with handouts that have, as a result, created a morally bankrupt lower class that sits on their asses and are unwilling to try to get ahead in life in the least bit.

Anonymous said...

Fights happen at this age. The difference at Madison central is the teacher INTERVENED! The teacher in JPS really did not.

Anonymous said...

Well 3:54, just remember, if the commenters on jacksonjambalaya said it, then it must be true!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm must be the teacher didn't notice the kid taking off his shirt getting ready to battle eh?

Drill To Da Root said...

Regardless of which school was involved, the fact is the participants in this thuggish bullshit are always black. Look for common denominators and ye shall find them. Drill deeper and you will find a single parent household with a baby momma who spends her time clubbin'. How simple is that?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Good grief people. All of you gentle souls never seen a fight before? The only difference in this and what I grew up with is the color of the kids' skin and the fact that someone is filming it.

Granted, the probability that someone will whip out a gun is higher than when I was growing up, but a fight is a fight.


Anonymous said...

6:43 as a resident of Jackson, you need to understand that what happens in Madison has consequences on your property values, and that most of us could not agree with your statement any more. Can we also put the Madison kids in the same cage since they are acting like animals in a civilized society too?

Anonymous said...

7:36, maybe you were being sarcastic, but I went to private school in Jxn just a couple years ago, and we NEVER saw this kind of crap. And if had happened on campus, it would have been no questions asked expulsion for at least the aggressor if not both. We knew this so we didnt act stupid! While it sucks throwing an adolescent out of school, you absolutely have to think on behalf of the rest of the kids that are trying to get an education, and thus you cannot let a few bad apples ruin the entire school...get them out as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

1:52 The dirty joke went right over your head. Read more about Reunion and pineapples on this site to figure out what he implied, taking your innocent statement out of context....

Anonymous said...

I think if any of you google " teenage fights", you'll find them all over UTube happening in a variety of communities including both races and girl fights.
Some of you might not have seen " West Side Story". "There is a movie called " Fight Club " that apparently only KF saw. This movie was popular among teens and unfortunately some decided it was a cool thing to do.
In the late 50s at my all white high school a fight got out of hand in the gym and after beating the boy, the other boy tried to hang him...literally.
Fights on campus should result in suspension and juvenile assault charges. Fights off campus should result in juvenile assault charges.
There have been problems in the private schools ( all of them) over the years but the schools were able to keep it out of the media...even recently when some problems went "viral" on the cell phones, they didn't find their way to UTube.
Nationally , bullying has resulted not only in suicides but in murder. If nothing else, you can watch the Lifetime dramatic documentaries about these tragedies.
I don't know why those of you who teach by example that hating others, making fun of others and verbal assaults are acceptable should be surprised . That verbal bullying and arguments among young people with less self control and hormones raging would have that behavior escalate to physical assault is not a surprise. If we teach that winning is not just everything but the only thing, why are we surprised at the lengths our children will go to win?

Anonymous said...

I've been in lots of fights, in my youth. But, never group fights. Never gang fights. This is indeed cultural. It's as much a part of the sub-culture as having to have a pit bull. It's as cultural as hand signs and signals and laying out flat while driving. It's as cultural as diaplaying your ass-crack in the mall, as cultural as sideways caps and gold teeth.

In 'their' attempt to avoid whatever might suggest conformance with societal norms, they have accidentally slipped into a sordid ravine of conformity with assinine, cultural norms. So, while insisting that they want to be individuals, they have joined a pack of conforming jackals.

"Bro! Ima f*ck you up! Yo Bitch! Ima sex you up. Be yo baby daddy. Whup yo preacha ass. Tear yo boyfriend haid off at school."

Anonymous said...

8:18 am So, you've never heard of The Peckerwoods ( Woods), the Aryan Brotherhood ( AB), the Nazi Low Riders ( NL), or Public Enemy #1 ( PN ) or seen their tats.
You think the KKK a social organization and not a gang of thugs? Then there's the motor cycle gangs like Hell's Angels and The Outlaws.
You apparently like the above's choice of attire as well as Goth and thought Miley Cyrus looked cute on TV.
We do have a cultural problem and I'm sure black parents would love to see if we can deal with it in our race, and would gladly copy our solutions!
I've a suggestion. Let's start with being willing to pay for parenting classes in our high schools!

Anonymous said...

8:55 - The primary flaw in your analysis is the 'groups' you mention are not ninth and tenth graders. The black culture thuggery we witness has it's largest roots in those school years and only gets worse, then escalates to Parchman.

Start wherever you like. Parenting classes for sixteen year old parents, remedial English at the college level, balancing a checkbook for forty year olds on welfare or Sentence Structure classes for first year teachers graduated from HBCU venues.

I'm sure there are white-gang-issues somewhere in the country just as I'm sure The Outlaws have some black members; however, the video(s) and issues under discussion, of most concern to me, are here and now, not in California, Idaho or Miami. You seem to be one of the 'deniers' who survives on claims of 'crime is everywhere' and 'all races have the same problems'.

When white family structure goes completely to hell and when 80% of white babies are born out of wedlock, we will have an emergence of these same issues in white communities. It's just that simple. If it makes you feel good about yourself to scream 'racist' at me....go for it.

Anonymous said...

"Structure classes for first year teachers graduated from HBCU venues. "December 8, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Maybe this is true for the Lower tier HBCU's... students at Howard, Hampton, Morehouse and of course Spelman college seem to grasp English just fine. What is going on at the HBCU's in Mississippi?

Anonymous said...

8:55 am You apparently do not keep yourself informed.

Just because you don't " hear" about it, doesn't mean there are no problems with white teens in MS and those problems are not limited to Jackson!

Start looking at the tattoos on white kids. You'll see " affiliation" if you look though some are smart enough to hide them.

The parents of white kids are better able to keep it hushed up and/or hire a good attorney!

Personally, I know of white teens shooting into houses in two white neighbors, major vandalism of cars and homes as well as drugs and fights and theft...none of which made the papers!

Now, you surely hear about the drug problems and surely know someone whose little darling was sent to rehab. Where do you think they got the drugs and money to pay for them?

I pray you don't have children who are or will be teenagers.

You are so blinded by your prejudices so as to be an incompetent parent!

It's the parents who are in denial about their little sweetie that are the problem!

10:10 Yet Again said...

12:20; You're so anxious to see your deluded thoughts in print you can't even get it right who you're replying to. If you disagree with my facts, perhaps you might disprove them with something other than a fleeting rage. The subject of this discussion is groups of school children mauling each other. If you have evidence of it occuring in predominantly white schools in this state, present your facts.

Anonymous said...

1:43 pm aka 10:10 am

What FACTS do you present other than getting percentage of out of wedlock births among African Americans which you got wrong?

It's bad enough ( 72%) but then it's 40% nationwide.

You apparently didn't read any of the research of the last 5 decades about why there has been such of dramatic increase in out of wedlock births. And, that increase is greater in the white community.

You should have looked up the figures for the total percentage of out of wedlock births in the U.S. last year. The figure is dramatic.

Do you think this will not impact all girls in the future?

If you attended college did you get by with Cliff Notes? Did you miss all the articles on the roles poverty and cultural changes play in the increases since 1965?

You don't want to believe that those who joined white gangs while in Parchman didn't come back and recruit troubled teens in their neighborhoods. Does this mean you think only non-white criminals are smart enough to see the benefits of using minors to assist them in their crimes and be their drug mules? You really believe those adult white gang members, unlike non-white ones, don't bring their children into the gang? You really believe no white 9th or 10th graders are involved? I guess you wouldn't believe 5th and 6th graders at all then.

You don't want to see that the problems that exist in ALL urban areas are finding their way to the " provinces".

You believe you can escape trends.

And, you entirely miss the major point made which was that while you might not can affect positive change in the African American community, you could certainly improve your own.

You really need to look up the definition of " deluded".

Anonymous said...

December 8, 2013 at 1:43 PM = always reliable psycho JJ troll in 50 year marriage eunuch

Meanwhile, Air Force One Departs said...

3:49 has succeeded in including the most fallacies in a single post. Deflect and dodge as you will. Throw up nationwide statistics to water down the reality of Jackson if you like. Suggest this crap permeates all neighborhoods and cities if you like. Rabbit trail off into a discussion of increases in white out of wedlock births if that helps you deflect from the facts that cripple black culture if it makes you feel better.

The bottom line here is the fact that the video and the reality behind the video, reflect on black culture. That will not change with your protestations or your attempt to water-down facts.

You must enact broad-sweeping cultural change in YOUR community. You cannot sit by and 'hope' the white community will either join you in the cesspool or will change your community for you. Neither will happen.

Anonymous said...

5:35 pm I'm as WASP as you get ROFL
4:39 pm is a hoot ,too. What the hell are you talking about? JJ has a troll that's a 50 year old marriage eunuch? Have you been drinking?

meople said...

we used to have a fight club at JA. We would do it in 6th grade in the wintery months and would use our ski gloves as boxing gloves and it was fun as hell. I would much rather see fighting than shooting. Fist fights are a lost art and in my opinion were a lot more entertaining for even weeks afterwards than someone pulling a gun or knife. Only difference today is social media and camera phones. This is not, I REPEAT, this not a breakdown in society, this is a glimmer of light to see the thugs start fist fighting again.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to one thing and one thing only: The Common Denominator.

The common denominator has no association with national averages or Madison or Mississippi as a whole, or cliff notes or white gangs in Parchman or drug mules, ninth graders or what you call trends. Deny it if you wish. The only determinant is the common denominator. Run and jump off the pier of denial if you wish.

Anonymous said...

"Ski Gloves"? Where were the best slopes?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as though white people go into schools and kill small children and their peers I wouldn't be far off to say it isn't only blacks that you surmise to be morally bankrupt as much as it is American culture, or lack thereof, as a whole.

Cybil Myles said...

Hello everyone, I am a graduating senior from Oscar H Wingfield High School, I am in the Top five percent of the class of 2014.I am the Executive Office for one of the best Battalions in JPS. I am not shocked about the things that you all are stating about Wingfield High School but you all are outsiders looking into what you think are facts but some of the information that you all are stating are watered down. JPS is our school district and we are not poor and most of all our culture has nothing to do with the selective few students coming into our high school trying to fit in. I am a young adult that has self discipline and most of all there are many other students just like me that are disciplined and we are tired of the negative blogs that you all are posting before you all have the chance to come and see for yourself. I have a question for every one that made a statement about the "black culture", would it be better if we were part of white culture? You all have disrespected us in ways I never imagined and I do not expect for you all to understand but I do ask for you all to stop looking from the outside and come in and see for yourself.

A proud graduate of Wingfield High School

You all be blessed and may God be with you all!!!!!!!!

RaouL KNave said...

I am a young adult that has self discipline and most of all there are many other students just like me that are disciplined and we are tired of the negative blogs that you all are posting before you all have the chance to come and see for yourself.

I applaud you for your self-discipline but please don't waste your time lecturing about what is (and what should or should not be) posted on "blogs".

JJ is not a blog but, rather, an online news and commentary publication. The fare that Kingfish provides is equal to ANY media outlet in Mississippi.

Transparency is your friend. Shun it and expect the same that has descended upon the liberals (dupes) in Fondren.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Cybil. I wish you the best in your continuing education.

Carroll Branch said...

I wouldn't be the one to say that you all aren't entitled to your own opinions , but I can say you are wrong . I too , am a graduate from Wingfield . Not only was the school beneficial to my future but is home to some of the greatest memories I possess . I am 20 years old with a degree , my own home (paid for!) my own car (paid for!) and finishing a second degree . I entered into highschool as an unmotivated freshman . The staff and administration set me on the right track to my positive outcome ! not only did they convince me to change my ways , but motivated me to be better ! I graduated salutatorian of my class , and continue to strive for EXCELLENCE . I wouldn't have chose to be anyway else ! From the outside you don't see the school spirit , the determination , nor the bond we grow to share . So , I wouldn't expect you to understand . Wingfield may be a part of some negativity right now , but inside those walls , Falcons are trying everyday to become a better person .

Sincerely ,

Cybil Myles said...

Thanks for taking the time to repost what I said please grow up and get a life and stop trying to be on kids you do not know worry about your own and make sure they have discipline because of you are on a blog and you have kids they don't.. Thanks honey be blessed.:)

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